Howard Davies

Call me a quirky British guy but my idea of fun is helping people like you refinance or purchase a California home. I get a kick out of answering questions too!

I hear it all the time: "buying or refinancing a California home is a confusing and frustrating experience"​. And while it's true my friend—it CAN be—my goal is to help you *cut through the clutter* and get a better understanding in SIMPLE, crystal clear, jargon-free terms.

When we hang up the phone you'll be a more educated and more savvy mortgage consumer. Heck, you could be the next expert!

Need information on FHA mortgages or VA / USDA 100% financing? Are you curious about what it takes to avoid mortgage insurance or how to refinance a California home loan at little or no cost? Call me 24/7 on my cell: (408) 533-2467 to get all your questions answered.

And before you go check out these great benefits—you may qualify for one or more (restrictions apply)...

- Military background? Refinance your home with a VA loan to 100% loan-to-value ratio—even with cash-out!

- Purchase a home with NO MONEY DOWN (income and location dependent)

- Refinance your California home at true 'low-cost'​ or 'no-cost'​. This includes "rate and term"​ and cash-out refinances. No smoke and mirrors, and no fees rolled into your loan in most cases.

- Qualify with deposits from bank statements in lieu of tax returns

- Reverse mortgages

- Purchase a home with a Jumbo loan - 10% down payment and no mortgage insurance!

- FHA loans with credit score as low as 500!

Call me today with questions or to run your scenario by me: (408) 533-2467. There is no cost or obligation for your free phone consultation. I'm here to help you!

Howard Davies
Sr. Home Mortgage Specialist.